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Cloud POS

Remain two steps ahead of your competition with this cloud POS software

A POS done right!

  • Adjustable menu and floor plan
  • Update your menu easy and from anywhere
  • Easy Ordering and Payments -order straight to Kitchen or Bar
  • Kitchen Display Screen
  • Split Items and Bills for easy bill settlement
  • Flexible Payment options
  • Access real-time sales and reporting
  • Monitor Staff Work Hours
  • Generate Daily Reports
  • Tiered Users for waiters and managers
  • Always Online Mode with LiteServer Backup
  • Multiple Integrations to assist with running your establishment

Out of sight, not out of mind

Access your sales data from anywhere, anytime

Lightspeed is an iPad based cloud point of sale system. Tailored and built to be used in restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels the system offers easy to use interfaces with an array of useful and handy features. Owners can manage team clock in an out, products, stock and ordering from a cloud-based interface, meaning they don’t always have to be in their restaurant to know what’s going on.

Ordering and more..

Grab orders at the table using your iPad

Lightspeed’s streamlined interface offers the best option when it comes to ordering. Take orders at the table, modify items with the modifiers interface and even show your guests what their food could look like with the products visualisation feature. Got the drinks ready? Send them to the bar for processing, take the food order and then grab the drinks from the bar. Offer your customers something back with a number of Loyalty integrations and promotions, grab their e-mail address and hit the with e-mail marketing too. The possibilities offered by Lightspeed are great.

Lots of integrations to make management easier

Lightspeed Accounting

Integrate your Lightspeed with Lightspeed accounting. Use the data stored in this software to pull in your sales data directly into your accounting software, such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage One and Exact. Sales data is automatically pushed to Lightspeed accounting on a daily basis, you can then integrate this directly with your chosen accounting software.


MarketMan is a cloud-based inventory management solution. It is a perfect solution for all restaurants and operators, giving you full control of your inventory, suppliers and back office operations. MarketMan can be integrated seamlessly with your Lightspeed account, offering accurate inventory control and a high level of user experience. Add Suppliers, manage orders, all from the comfort of any computer or smart device.


Combining a multi-tier loyalty program with actionable data analytics and business intelligence insights, AppCard makes personalising offers and rewards, easy and effective. Gain valuable insights into your product mix, shopper purchase history and much more.


iZettle is an industry-leading provider of mobile payments services in Europe. iZettle can be integrated directly with Lightspeed negating the need for a terminal provider and month on month costs. iZettle is easy to setup and can be used to take payments anywhere. Payments can be taken by the server via the iPads they use to take orders instantly.

With so many iPad POS systems available it’s easy to get confused while trying to find one. After choosing Lightspeed, NinjaHosts were able to provide me with a fast, efficient and knowledgeable service. We’ve been using the system for years and cannot imagine our business without it. We have recently added Lightspeed Accounting which has now made our operation ever more streamlined. Anyone looking at a POS system for their restaurant, cafe or hotel should look to Lightspeed.

Ben Washbrook

The Canteen

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