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Cloud Servers FAQs

Common Cloud Server questions

A cloud server gives you full control over your hosting needs. A shared hosting platform is restricted and it’s resources shared where as a cloud server gives you access to all space and processing power so that your website or web app is served instantly to your users.

After you’ve placed your order with NinjaHosts it is passed to our team of experts who work to get it online within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you need it sooner, let us know we will see what we can do.

Our primary shared hosting and cloud server network is based in the United Kingdom. We operate our network from a London based data centre with a 10GB dedicated private fibre connection. We operate our disaster recovery systems in two remote locations to ensure the data is stored in a separate location should something unplanned happen

Our cloud server network come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We aim to ensure all servers are online and available when you need them the most. If we are planning maintenance on our network you’ll see the notifications here.

All servers come with 1 dedicated IP address. You can add additional IP addresses to your order however.

Our cloud servers can be deployed to operate a number of different software packages, websites and applications. Most commonly they are used to host large Magento, WordPress or custom built websites. If you have some questions you’d like answered about our cloud servers and if they could support your software package, get in touch.

Yes we can! Our team have experience working with a number of different software packages and as such have experience in working through even the most difficult bugs or configuration issues. If you need help moving your project, our team can provide a bespoke quote for the time they believe it will take to get everything up and running again.

Our dedicated engineers are there to help with the most common issues you might experience with your server, however, for the more lucrative problems and diagnosis of issues, we offer a managed service. This covers looking after your server and working with your hosted solution to fix any issues you might have.

An SLA is defined as a Service Level Agreement, this is an agreement between us (NinjaHosts) the supplier and you the client. An SLA covers the most common practices performed for you when you purchase a cloud server from NinjaHosts. If you purchase an un-managed there are certain limitations to the support that our team is able to provide. If you have any issues relating to downtime, accessibility or operational state of your server then we will look into these, however, our basic SLA does not cover service reboots, website fault detection, or any issues which could be related to the software running on your server, however we do offer this as an extended support. Enquire using our support ticket system after purchasing your cloud server.

No we don’t. We believe that customers can get more benefit from using our scalable cloud platform as it offers everything you will need to monitor your applications performance and resource. Need more RAM or storage space? Let us know, we’ll send you the updated pricing and apply the spec changes to your server as soon as payment is received.