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Cloud Server Features

Premium Network

Our network is located in a UK data centre and is designed with maximum resiliency and fault tolerance. We utilise the latest technology to ensure our network backbone is world class and is up to delivering the speed our customers require. Our network has built-in disaster recovery systems which ensure that each part of the network is backed up and housed in an external off-site data centre, this process happens daily.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our 99% uptime guarantee is achieved because no single system within our network relies on a single piece of hardware. Our redundant smart systems isolate failed hardware, combined with our virtualisation platform and our expertise we believe our service is unmatched. If there is an issue our team receive instant notifications no matter where they are to alert them to the issues, and we aim to address these as quickly as possible in order to resolve them as soon as possible.

Reliable Support and Service

Getting the right support at the right time is critical to ensure your issue is resolved within the quickest time possible. We host a wide variety of websites and systems and as a result, we have integrated some of the latest hardware to support our virtualisation platforms. Our regular maintenance schedules ensure that the systems are patched and all updates from manufacturers and suppliers are in place, resulting in ensuring our hardware is running at peak performance.

Latest Technology

As part of our service to our clients, we aim to offer a bespoke solution when it comes to deploying your solution. Clients can choose from a wide variety of operating systems and software packages to deploy to their server. Using the latest technologies such as PHP 7 and HTTP 2.0 allow us to offer some of the best technologies to optimise speed and delivery of online assets. We always aim to keep up with changing technology trends to ensure clients are able to get the best out of their network.