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Domain Name FAQs

Find the answers to common domain related questions

A domain name is a web address used to access your website. This can be used by your visitors to find your website on the internet. Normally domain names are connected to website hosting packages. Domain names have to be unique, however, there are many extensions you can choose from so don’t worry if someone has taken your desired name. You can check available domains instantly using our checker.

Choosing a domain is considered one of the most important steps when it comes to starting with an online presence. The name you choose should be short, memorable and easily typed. You cannot use capital letters to make different domains, but you can use hyphens in some instances, but this isn’t always recommended. If your chosen domain is taken and you’re having trouble thinking of a domain name, then see the suggestions listed by the domain checker to see if any will fit your requirements.

A domain name is made up of a specific name followed by an extension, referred to commonly as a Top Level Domain (TLD) for example our domain name is made up from our business name, it is short and easy to remember. When someone types this into an address bar, the Domain Name System (DNS) will route the traffic to the hosted destination. Once it has been pointed it will showcase whatever content is housed at the end of the DNS configuration, normally your website.

If you wanted to add a blog or shop to your website and wanted to house this separate to your main website, then using subdomains is an ideal solution. They are extensions of your main domain i.e. is a subdomain for the domain The great thing is you can have anything as a subdomain.

Domain names can be made up of up to 63 characters, including the letters A-Z and numbers 0-9, as well as hyphens. All though hyphens are handy, they cannot be used at the start or the end of a domain. Domain names cannot include underscores, exclamation marks or any other characters, they are also not case sensitive.

Use our instant domain name checker to see what domains are available for registration. The internet has been around for some time now, and as a result, most common names are registered but not to worry the ICANN registry that controls the allocation of TLD’s have introduced hundreds of new extensions that you can register. Check for your domain today.

The simple answer is, Yes you can! If a domain is available and it isn’t a registered trademark that you’re trying to register you’ll be able to register the domain in your name. You will be able to manage them directly from your domain control panel once registered.

Yes, you can. Transferring a domain to NinjaHosts is a simple and easy step. Simply click here to begin the transfer process. Some domains will require that they are unlocked before transfer, you may also have to produce an EPP or authentication code before beginning transfer. If you get stuck, get in touch.

The NinjaHosts team have been in the industry for over 10 years. During this time we’ve seen the addition of hundreds of new TLD selections for domains. This has made choosing a domain easier. However, there is some general recommendation when choosing a new domain name.

  • Ensure the domain name is unique – try not to get a domain if another business is using it for their website and your services are similar.
  • Try to avoid hyphens – they might be handy to get the name you want, but they are not memorable and can be missed out leading your traffic to a dead end or another unrelated website.
  • It’s a good idea to register other extensions if they are available i.e. and
  • If you are new to the online world, then it may be worth checking that your desired name is available both as a memorable domain name and as a social media handle. This way you’ll have a consistent brand and image across your digital presence.

Still not sure what to do? Get in Touch, our team are always happy to help.