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Website Builder FAQs

Common website builder questions

Our website builder package comes with all the features of our normal hosting packages. You will be able to log in, set up some e-mail address and manage your files and folders as normal, but you will also gain access to the website builder interface.

With the website builder by NinjaHosts it is easy for you to build a website with limited or no technical knowledge. Choose from over 100 different website templates, customise information, images using the drag and drop interface. The builder will help with creating a mobile-friendly website too.

The builder is a server hosted drag and drop application, you don’t need to install anything on your computer to use the service. Utilise the drag and drop interface to populate your design with stock images or text, or even upload your own images using the upload system. Integrate your social media accounts directly on to your website. A website builder is an ideal tool for anyone looking to set up a small online presence and to start growing their brand online.

Not really, you can post images and text with ease, as well as link in videos from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts. The system is very self-explanatory and provides an easy to use interface for adding these items. You can also link to your social media accounts for sharing and to show off your feed.

You cannot edit the HTML directly but you can introduce HTML blocks and sections to the pages on your website using the Advanced tools available.

All of our website builder packages come with unlimited pages. This means you can add as many pages to your website as you like. We’d recommend not overdoing it though, as a website is considered to be good when the content and page structure is minimal and easy to understand.

Of course you can. When you process your order for the website builder, select transfer domain when it comes to the domain selection screen.

You can set up an manage a small online shop using our website builder package. Add products, a checkout and even a live chat module to your online shop. The online shop is an excellent way of starting to sell your products online.